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Microsoft is banning the adware method that caused Lenovo's Superfish scandal

The type of dangerous adware that Lenovo pre-loaded on PCs earlier this year will soon be banned entirely from Windows devices. In a post on its TechNet blog (via Engadget), Microsoft said it will no longer allow ad injection software that uses “man-in-the-middle” techniques, such as injection by proxy, changing DNS settings, and network layer manipulation. Microsoft will begin enforcing the...
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Microsoft will let you keep your free 15GB of OneDrive storage, if you claim it

 Microsoft has grudgingly agreed to let current OneDrive users keep their 15GB of free cloud storage and 15GB of free Camera Roll “bonus” storage, rather than dropping you to 5GB as previously stated, but only if you’re aware of the offer and don’t mind a bit of spam. To take advantage of the offer, visit this Microsoft page. Microsoft representatives said the company does not have a...
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OneDrive users are livid after Microsoft reneges on unlimited storage

Users of Microsoft's OneDrive online storage service on Tuesday railed against the company's decision to ditch its unlimited allowance, calling it a betrayal and asking why all are being penalized for the excesses of a few. "Why punish everyday subscribers for those that are abusing your system with possibly illegal content?" asked someone identified only as John in the comment that kicked...
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Why Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever

Microsoft added two game-changing security features for enterprise users in Windows 10, but until recently, the company has been relatively quiet about them. So far the buzz has mainly been about Windows Hello, which supports face and fingerprint recognition. But Device Guard and Credential Guard are the two standout security features of Windows 10—they protect the core kernel from malware...
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Windows 10 can 'disable pirated games'

Windows 10 can reportedly delete pirated games or illegally downloaded software.   An updated Microsoft Services End User License Agreement for Windows 10 suggests that it has the ability to disable counterfeit games, PC Authority reports.   The updated agreement section 7b reads:   "Sometimes you'll need software updates to keep using the Services. We may automatically check your version of...
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