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Facebook is rolling out its ‘Find Wi-Fi’ feature worldwide

Facebook is expanding one of its newer features designed to help mobile users find accessible Wi-Fi networks. The company had begun testing a “Find Wi-Fi” option last year on mobile, which highlighted free, public Wi-Fi networks nearby. At the time, the option was only available on iOS in select countries, as something of a test. Today, Facebook announced users worldwide on both iOS and...
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Facebook Will Warn You If It Thinks a Government Is Attacking Your Account

If you haven’t enabled two-factor authentication on Facebook, you should. If Facebook thinks someone has attempted to access your account, it will notify you. Now, those warnings may come if Facebook thinks the attacker is backed by a government. In a blog post from Facebook’s Chief Security Officer, the company has said that it’s expanding its monitoring of suspicious login requests to...
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Pay Your Friends Back With Facebook Messenger

Owe a friend money but don't have any cash on you? Now you can pay them with the Facebook Messenger app. The Messenger in-app payment feature first announced in March is now available to everyone in the U.S. Add your debit card and transfer cash on Messenger with just a few taps. To pay up, start a conversation with a friend like you normally would, tap the "$" icon, and enter the amount you...
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Zuckerberg announces Facebook Lite app

People living in some of the most remote parts of the world will now be able to quickly post updates to their Facebook accounts. Mark Zuckerberg announced the release of the Facebook Lite app on Thursday, which is designed to work fast even on slow mobile networks commonly found in developing nations. The app will first roll out in Asia, then in the subsequent weeks to Africa, Latin America...
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You Can Finally Post GIFs on Facebook

Prepare the cats It’s been a long time coming, but Facebook has finally granted users the power to communicate in GIFs on the social network. The company has quietly rolled out an update that lets GIFs play natively within the News Feed. Just copy the URL of your favorite moving image, post it in the status update bar and watch it appear in all its hypnotic glory. Tests seemed to indicate...
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