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Mozilla accuses Microsoft of 'throwing away' user choice in Windows 10

Mozilla has taken Microsoft to task for pushing its new Edge browser on users switching to Windows 10, regardless of their previous choices, and for making default application settings "less obvious and more difficult" than before. While many user settings carry over to Windows 10 when upgrading, those using the "express" install option will have their choices of default applications...
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Mozilla to launch flip and slider phones in 2016

Mozilla has announced flip and slider phones at the Firefox OS press event that will be most likely launched in 2016. According to the Verge, Mozilla’s vision for Firefox OS has focused on the capabilities of smartphones ever since it was announced four years ago. Mozilla’s vision has taken various forms since its announcement. In 2016, the company will leverage new partnerships with KDDI, LG...
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Users get more control over data in latest Firefox beta

Mozilla is adding new capabilities in the beta version of Firefox 36 to give users and website owners more control over what data, if any, is sent to other websites during browsing.When a user navigates to a new website by clicking on a link or pulls an image or video file from another site, the browser typically sends the new site the address of the page that referred it. It’s useful for...
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Firefox Hello lets you make video calls without fuss

Mozilla has just rolled out version 35 of the popular Firefox web browser and it is bringing in a handful of new features. Highlighting this release, however, is something that they have been working on for quite a long time now. Leveraging the power of what is called WebRTC (Real Time Communications), Firefox Hello lets users create and share video chats without the hassles of third party...
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Mozilla releases Firefox version 35.0

Mozilla has released the latest version of its browser, Firefox version 35.0, which can now share mobile device Wi-Fi and cellular signals for improved geolocation services and to help support context-aware applications.Mozilla has also implemented HTTP Public Key Pinning Extensions for enhanced authentication of encrypted connections in the new version of the browser.Among the HTML5 support...
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