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Intel Processor Bug Leaves All Current Chips Vulnerable And Its Fix Saps Performance

If an Intel processor from the last decade is powering your desktop, laptop or other PC, or perhaps servers in your data center, chances are you’re going to have to deal with a new vulnerability and hardware-level chip bug that is currently out in the wild. As Brandon Hill at HotHardware reports, the bug also affects virtually all operating systems from Windows, to Linux and MacOS. Further,...
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ZTE fights off low-end stereotype with high-end Axon phone

Chinese brands don't always command much attention in the U.S., so when ZTE teased its newest smartphone, the Axon, it initially didn't mention the company at all.The company's online promotions in advance of the launch featured a mysterious high-end Android device. The marketing scheme paid off, according to Adam Zeng, CEO of ZTE's mobile devices business, sparking media interest. It even...
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FBI Probes Attacks on West Coast Fiber Optic Cables

Some Internet users in the San Francisco Bay Area were unable to connect on Tuesday morning, but it wasn't an issue of congestion on the network or even a sophisticated cyber attack. The reason behind the outage was a lot less tech-savvy: someone cut the wires. Apparently this wasn't an isolated incident. According to USA Today, the FBI is investigating nearly a dozen physical attacks on...
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You joined a botnet if you use this VPN service

A spam attack shed light on this virtual private network’s shady business practices. It’s dastardly brilliant. Users of the virtual private network Hola got more than they bargained for when they signed up for accounts. When they enrolled in the popular free Israel-based VPN service—presumably to conceal their IP addresses to circumvent Internet restrictions abroad, or to evade...
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Stanford Researchers Created A Smartphone Battery That Charges In Only One Minute

Last year, eMarketer reported that the global smartphone audience passed 1.75 billion people. As smartphones become ubiquitous, the demand for longer-lasting batteries will continue to increase. Fortunately, researchers at Stanford University are building an aluminum-ion battery prototype that speeds up the charging times. And the aluminum-ion battery could eventually replace many of the...
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